Same Old Song and Dance

It seems to be that I’ve been down this road before. In fact, there is a chance that you have been down this very road right alongside me. If that’s the case, then thank you very much for sticking by my side.┬áIf you’re new to this journey, let me try and get you up to speed…

I “officially” started Firewerks in 2008, but have since then relaunched it multiple times. The reason I do this is because I have a love for this industry. (And the fact that I’m a perfectionist…) I want the presentation of my work to be clean, and to convey what I am able to do for potential clients. Most importantly though, I want people to see the quality that they will be able to afford.

If you’re curious to know why I’m at it again with the changes, I’ll explain.

Earlier this year I began working for a small business as their graphic designer and social media person. It was an experience that I enjoyed from start to finish. Unfortunately, some things happened and I was let go. I can’t go into those details with you for professional reasons, but I will say that I don’t fully agree with why my employment was terminated.

With that being said, I’ve decided that I should start spending more time developing my talents in design and learn better business practices. Those decisions have led me to this very spot where I am recreating my brand from the ground up. I’m leaving the past behind me and focusing on what can happen in the future.

At this point and time I’m still trying to determine exactly what I’ll be showcasing in my portfolio, but I am more than willing to take on clients. If you’re interested, please visit the Contact page. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter and like the Firewerks Facebook page.